A Clearer Picture Emerges

After the first month, I understand this visionary organization, know scores of its key players, and am excited to accelerate progress! The East Coast Greenway Alliance is a network of ten staff and hundreds of volunteers that really do connect our corridor’s communities.

To the North, we have leaders such as Boardmember Tony Barrett up in chilly Maine. He is active in the establishment of 30 new miles of greenway this fall between Bar Harbor and the Canada border. I can’t wait to enjoy that section soon – maybe catching a glimpse of a moose!

Then all the way down South where it’s still warm, our staffperson Herb Hiller is tirelessly getting 30 more miles of completed greenway onto our Florida route in 2009! His hard work has helped to create a couple hundred mile loop ride from Palatka down to Titusville and back. Outgoing director Karen Votava, myself, and many of our Close The Gap Club members will enjoy the ride in mid-November.

And our 4,000 members from big cities like New York to rural communities like Pittsboro, NC, are continuing to provide vital support to our organization!

There are so many exciting updates I can’t wait to share with you in upcoming blogs!

Until then, have a great one and let’s keep up the East Coast Greenway momentum toward a green transportation revolution in America.


Dennis Markatos-Soriano, reporting from Manhattan

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