A Historic Moment for the East Coast Greenway

The past month has been marked by a flood of media attention – the biggest we have ever experienced. Over the years, I’ve seen people’s eyes light up when I Dennis2tell them about the East Coast Greenway for the first time. But not until this past month have we witnessed this excitement on a mass scale – with articles being shared over 130,000 times and two different videos viewed over 230,000 times each. The Greenway’s media attention reached over 200 million views this past month, according to our media monitoring service.

Our new Strategic Plan calls for national recognition for the ECG by 2020. We might just be achieving that ahead-of-schedule. The trick is now for us to turn this surge of media attention into more resources to get the Greenway done and into more people out enjoying segments of the route from Maine to Florida. If you haven’t yet donated, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help ensure continued strong progress.

Kudos to journalist Eillie Anzalotti for writing such a nice article for The Atlantic’s CITYLAB. She conveyed the Greenway in a way that resonated with people all over our great country and the world. To see more of our media hits, check out our July E-newsletter Spotlight.

Here’s to continued momentum to complete our linear park for a healthy, sustainable, and economically-thriving tomorrow –


Dennis Markatos-Soriano, ECGA Executive Director

This blog post appeared in our July 2016 E-Newsletter – click this link to read the newsletter in full.