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East Coast Greenway Alliance: Building Partners

Creating the East Coast Greenway is an enormous undertaking that depends on the involvement and partnership of hundreds of state and local government agencies, trail advocates, volunteers, supporters, and other non-profit organizations.

While huge in scope and scale, the Greenway is growing incrementally, one segment at a time, by working closely with our partners to build support, momentum, and, of course, greenway.


Local Advocates

Virtually every community along our route is involved in developing bike paths and multi-use greenways, some of which will serve as sections of our route. This greenways movement indirectly involves thousands of additional volunteers in the making of the Greenway. In many cases, the local advocacy organizations evolve into Friends of the Trail groups and continue working for the maintenance of these local trails.

Local, County and State Governments

Public agencies (chiefly municipal and county governments) but also state and some federal agencies are building and will own and manage the East Coast Greenway. They are making a huge commitment to the value of the Greenway, to their communities, and to their economies. To see lists of specific ECGA agency partners at the state and local levels, please visit our state pages.

Jackson Oliva

ECGA depends on public and private sector partnerships to move the trail forward. Pictured: MDOT Director of Bicycle Pedestrian Access Michael Jackson, with forner ECGA Mid Atlantic Trail Coordinator, Mike Oliva, outside Biller’s Bikes in Havre de Grace, MD.


Federal Government

The ECG has been designated a National Millennium Trail, and federal transportation dollars funneled through state and local governments are paying for much of the cost of building the Greenway. In addition, the Greenway has received substantial support from the National Park Service through its Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program, mainly in the form of technical assistance for local trail projects, but also through limited though important direct financial support to the Alliance.

Partner Organizations. The Alliance works closely with scores of organizations that have a stake in the Greenway realization. Here are some partners we work with at the national level.

To see lists of specific partners that we work with at the state level, please visit our state pages.

  • Rails to Trails Conservancy. Provides technical assistance on rail abandonment process, leadership in transportation policy and funding, and advocacy for specific trails through its regional staff. RTC President Keith Laughlin sits on our Advisory Board.
  • League of American Bicyclists. Provides leadership in improving bicycling conditions in the United States, including funding policy leadership. LAB Executive Director Andy Clark sits on our Advisory Board.
  • AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials). Shapes a national bicycle route network.
  • Adventure Cycling Association. Provides leadership for the effort to shape a national bicycle route network for the United States that will be officially recognized by AASHTO.
  • Surface Transportation Policy Project. Provides leadership in shaping future federal transportation funding programs.
  • America Bikes. Provides leadership in shaping future federal bicycle-friendly transportation funding programs.
  • Bikes Belong. Brings the bicycle industry into a supportive role in funding bicycle facility infrastructure and promotional programs.
  • American Hiking Society. Advocates for America’s hiking trails.
  • State bicycle advocacy organizations. Support the ECG agenda within their states as part of their advocacy work.
  • Bicycle Clubs. Many provide funding to the Alliance and generally support the ECG vision.
  • Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC). The ATC has provided much “big sister” mentoring to the ECGA over past years. President David Startzell also participated in the ECGA 2010 Strategic Committee in 2004 that shaped our Close the Gaps Campaign.
  • American Trails. Mounts bi-annual conferences that bring trails professionals and advocates together to share information and experiences. AT also provides an excellent web site supporting trail organizations.

East Coast Greenway mission statement and bylaws