Action alert! D.C. to Richmond Southeast High Speed Rail

Please provide comments by December 5th! 

We are asking all East Coast Greenway supporters to submit comments requesting that the D.C. to Richmond Southeast High Speed Rail corridor include greenway trails in its plan. This is a one-time opportunity to secure a critical corridor for regional trails!

We have provided a sample email that you may choose to use when submitting your comments.

Comments can be sent via email to: or using the online form here:

Sample comment text:

I want to express my concern that no consideration has been given for the inclusion of a greenway in the proposed High Speed Rail from Richmond to Washington, DC and ask that a parallel greenway be included in the Tier II EIS Study. 

A greenway was included in the Richmond to Raleigh EIS and a northern extension is a logical addition to that facility.

A greenway in the corridor offers many benefits including:

  • Attracts tourism and jobs;
  • Reduces CO2 & NOx emissions and other air pollutants; 
  • Promotes multi-modal connections to the train stations;
  • Reduces parking needs at the train stations;
  • Reduces traffic congestion in the impacted communities.  

A greenway in this corridor would be a key link in the East Coast Greenway which will connect Florida to Maine. 

Once this corridor is upgraded, citizens will live with it for the next century.  Let’s get it right.”

Thank you!