Celebrating Progress and Embracing Change

East Coast Greenway Alliance Executive Director, Dennis Markatos-SorianoDear East Coast Greenway Alliance Friends,

Springtime is marked by more than flowers and showers filling our corridor. It’s when our organization proudly shares our Annual Report, especially after excellent years like 2015. For the first time, this year’s Annual Report is a multimedia experience including this detailed and well-designed document and a fun 3-minute video with highlights.

The year 2016 is turning out to be full of transitions for our organization. Not only are we adding a greenway advocate to our team in the Northeast, but we are transitioning the leadership of our greenway program this summer from longtime ECG hero Eric Weis to rising star Niles Barnes. These changes will be both a challenge and an opportunity. I look forward to working with all of you to make it mostly the latter!

To a Healthy & Sustainable Future,

Dennis Markatos-Soriano, ECGA Executive Director

This blog post appeared in our April 2016 E-Newsletter – click this link to read the newsletter in full.