Connecticut Summit & NYC DOT Engagement

I attended the East Coast Greenway summit in Stamford Connecticut yesterday. Great news was announced that ConnDOT is now officially supporting the creation of a 37.5 Merritt Parkway Trail which ECG local advoacates have been championing for years. ConnDOT did emphasize that the creation of this pathway would need to be supported by a strong grass roots advocacy effort. ConnDOT is looking to ECG and other advocates to bring out supporters for this trail. Without these overwhelming numbers of supporters ConnDOT will lack the power or will to make this trail happen. So it up to us to engage citizens and rally the troops!

I met with the Bicycle Pedestrian Program team at New York City DOT in downtown Manhattan today. We had a great discussion on how to best implement signage on DOT owned and managed portions of the East Coast Greenway in Northern Manhattan and the Bronx. We also talked about some dangerous intersections and crossings in the Bronx and how to best make capital improvements to these locations. They also echoed the refrain of ConnDOT stating that in order to see improvements its crucial to engage the local community and have local citizens writing letters and being vocal for the improvements as well. Power is in active numbers and we all need to work on developing and engaging local communities to support the ECG corridor.

Michael Oliva

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