East Coast Greenway Director to Help Host Congressman Blumenauer

A top national advocate for cyclists, Congressman Earl Blumenauer (of Portland, OR), is coming to the Triangle of North Carolina on Thursday, January 19th. He will be touring with Congressman David Price (D-4th District).

The East Coast Greenway Alliance is pleased to help host the Congressman. Executive Director Dennis Markatos-Soriano will speak at a roundtable at 11am in American Tobacco District’s Blackwell 318 (McKinney). For more details, check out the pdf here.

We appreciate it when federal leaders take a stand for safe cycling and walking to achieve a sustainable and healthy America and look forward to seeing many of you there.


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  1. The panel was fantastic — with standing room only in the middle of a weekday! See a recap from our friends at Performance Bike: http://blog.performancebike.com/2012/01/20/roundtable-with-rep-earl-blumenauer-rep-david-price/

    We’ll share more pictures and details in our January e-newsletter next week. Thanks to Congressman Price and his staff for putting the discussion together!


  2. Too bad east coast greenway is engaging in politics. I donated for bike paths not for political events for Democrats.

    1. Thanks for donating!
      ECGA is proud to be supporting greenway buildouts from Maine to Florida. See our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and monthly e-newsletter on all of the amazing portions coming online every month!
      We are a nonprofit – so aren’t focused on lobbying. But when our Congressmembers want us to participate in a panel, we are proud to serve our country and provide an update on our project – an emerging American treasure. Completing the ECG takes investment from communities, counties, states, and the federal level – that’s how we’ve gotten to 26% completion and how we plan to get as close to 100% completion as possible by 2030!

      Onwards to a safe, healthy & sustainable eastern seaboard,


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