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See the newest stretches of East Coast Greenway, designated in 2016.

Resources for planning a trip along the East Coast Greenway:

Please note: Trail conditions and types of users accommodated

The East Coast Greenway is 3,000 miles long, stretching through cities, suburbs, and rural areas from Calais, Maine to Key West, Florida. Our goal is for the entire Greenway to be on paths, completely separated from the road. Over 30% of the route is currently on local, traffic-free, firm-surfaced trails that are safe for all abilities. The remainder is comprised of interim on-road sections that link completed trails together, and occasional ferries and trains where there is currently no safe on- or off-road option.

While we have generally attempted to keep the interim on-road sections on roads with low traffic and bike lanes or good shoulders where they exist, conditions are not always appropriate for all users. The on-road sections are recommended only for cyclists with some experience and some sections are suitable only for advanced cyclists. Everyone should use caution, and be watchful for adverse conditions including busy intersections, sections with no shoulders and areas of heavy traffic.

In addition, while most of the off-road segments are paved, some remain unpaved. They should support narrow tires, but some people may find them uncomfortable.

We are working to determine the level of wheelchair accessibility of this route. While it is generally accessible, all access points may not work due to grade conditions or other barriers. We are also working to define which sections are accessible to equestrians and in-line skaters. While we have not completed an assessment of the entire route, we do have information about our officially designated trail segments. To find out which of these sections are appropriate for you, visit each state’s trip planner.

Photo: The Mount Vernon Trail in northern Virginia is a model segment of the East Coast Greenway that is appropriate for travelers of all abilities. Photo: Peter Vicinanza

Because we are continually adding new trail segments to the route to replace on-road sections, the route itself is always changing. When planning a trip, please check our website frequently for the latest updates. In addition, be sure to bring your own road maps with you in case of route changes, trail closures, or detours.

This section of our website provides all the materials we currently have available to help you plan a trip along the East Coast Greenway. In addition to planning information, be sure to check out our state pages where you can learn about what’s happening in each state, where new trail is being developed, and the activities of our volunteer state committees.

Welcome, have a look around, and enjoy planning your trip!