Getting Involved

I’m about to step out for a small meeting here in Providence, RI to review the designs for adding bike lanes to Kinsley Ave and Promenade St, parts of the East Coast Greenway route in town.  And there’s another one on my calendar for February 1 – a public hearing to discuss new bicycle & pedestrian accommodations in a nearby neighborhood (again, ECG routing) – an opportunity arising due to the tearing down of an elevated highway.  I do love the public input process.

I’m attending these meetings as part of my job, to do all I can to improve the ECG.  But I’d be attending them anyway, even if I weren’t an employee of the East Coast Greenway Alliance, because this is my town and I’m invested in it being as livable as possible.  To me, livability implies safe for biking and walking, among other things.

If you’ve thought about getting more involved in your community (on ECG matters or otherwise), I encourage you to take that first step!  Your enthusiasm and energy will be welcomed by your fellow advocates.  Reach out to your city planner, your parks and rec director, your state bike-ped coordinator, or your state’s ECG Committee chair, and tell them that you want to help out.  You’ll find it to be a rewarding experience.

– Eric Weis

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