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We would like to invite you to be among those whose names will go up on the East Coast Greenway as sponsors of this visionary project. Every donor will be recognized on our website and (if available) on a kiosk in the state of their choice along the Greenway. Plus, all mile sponsors receive a complimentary one-year membership in the East Coast Greenway Alliance at the basic level.

Mile Sponsors enable us to provide the support needed to move the Greenway forward faster toward its goal of being 100% traffic-free. Each donation of $250/mile increases our staff’s capacity to help complete a mile of the ECG in your region.

Mile Sponsor inscriptions from Maine are listed on this kiosk along the Androscoggin River Bicycle Path in Brunswick, Maine.

Provide a legacy for your children and grandchildren to enjoy. Join with friends from your hiking or cycling club, your Rotary or other service club, your child’s school or scout troop to sponsor a mile or multiple miles in the organization’s name. Gifts to honor a family member or friend or a memorial contribution for a loved one can be appropriately recognized with a short inscription of your choice on one of the Greenway’s trailside kiosks.

So far, the Greenway has informational kiosks in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Rhode Island where mile sponsors’ names are displayed. The Alliance is steadily working through our state committees to build more kiosks and, eventually, there will be at least one in every state along the ECG corridor. All Mile Sponsors are recognized on our website, so your contribution will be recognized even if there is not currently a kiosk in your state.

How to Sponsor A Mile

If you wish to sponsor a mile, please download and mail in the form or call 919-797-0619 to pay with a credit card.