Let’s keep rolling along

Steve Bevington

While the ECGA has had some fantastic success with funding of important projects through Stimulus Funding, recent denial by DOT to fund an alternative transportation grant in Wrightsville Beach NC is a reminder of just how much money is still spent on standard road projects.  Too little funding is set aside for bike and pedestrian facilities and this trend continues even in light of our pressing need to reshape and re-grow our economy into a more sustainable form.

Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach had applied to the federal government would give them $16 million through the TIGER (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) grant program to upgrade some alternative transportation routes.  These routes would have improved, expanded and enhanced the ECG in the region.  While the TIGER grants are notoriously competitive, it was sad to hear that the grant had been denied and that major road projects in the region were funded instead.

According to town officials, these alternative transportation projects are not dead but will certainly be delayed and must now cast around for other sources of funding.  Let us hope that DOT will continue to increase it’s understanding of the value of alternative transportation to the long term success of our economy and communities.

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