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On the Greenway monthly news and features:

  • March 2017: Meet Kevin Hicks and sign up as a Greenway ambassador, March photo winner, Jennifer Popper’s tribute walk, farewell to John Andrews
  • February 2017: Hop River Trail in national spotlight, first photo contest winner, two new hires in Southeast, lessons learned from a first solo trip
  • January 2017: 40-plus miles of Greenway added in 2016, meet John Pucher, enter our photo contest!
  • December 2016: Meet trail champion Heather Barrar, we’re hiring for two positions in Southeast, and news and notices from the regions
  • November 2016: 25th Anniversary kick-off and State of the Greenway Summit in Providence, new staff members, and more
  • October 2016: WAY Tour pedals through North Carolina, join us in Providence for our 25th kick-off, greenway funding in CT and FL, and more.
  • September 2016: Celebrating Herb Hiller’s decade with the ECGA, join us in Providence in November, record greenway construction in PA, and more.
  • August 2016: WAY Tour rolls through Maine, Freewalkers’ 120-mile hike on the ECG, progress throughout our regions, and more.
  • July 2016:  East Coast Greenway receives the most media attention in our history, trail openings in ME, CT, FL, Ashley River Bridge progress in SC, and more.
  • June 2016: Welcome new Greenway Coordinators, progress in all regions, and more!
  • May 2016: Our 5-Year Strategic Plan Drives Greenway Progress, Welcome 2016 Summer Interns, Upcoming Events, and More!
  • April 2016: Celebrating Progress in 2015 Annual Report, Embracing Change, Over $40 Million in Funding for Florida ECG, and More!
  • March 2016: National Bike Summit Recap, Great Spring Events, and More!
  • February 2016: First Taste of Victory on the Susquehanna & More National and Regional Progress!
  • January 2016: Over 250 Miles of Signage, 80 Miles of Trail Designated, and More!
  • December 2015: Another Spectacular Year: Thank you, Highlights from 2015, and More!
  • November 2015: Big Impacts, Great Progress, Turning Up the Heat in Miami, and More!
  • October 2015: Trail Progress, Week a Year Tour Highlights, Strategic Planning Survey, and More!
  • September 2015: Bike Touring on the ECG, New England Bike-Walk Summit, and More!
  • August 2015: On the Trail with with New England Coordinator, Molly Henry, Lots of Great Summer Events, and More Signage!
  • July 2015: An Inspiring Youth Tour, 2015 WAY Tour Sign Up, and more!
  • June 2015: WAY Tour Riders Spotlight: Meet Barb & Bev
  • May 2015: 14 New Trails Designated, Welcome New Staff, and more!
  • April 2015: Philadelphia Summit and Reception May 1, Trail Progress and MA, and more!
  • March 2015: Philadelphia Summit May 1, GA-FL ferry advances, casino creates ECG opportunity, and more!
  • February 2015: New Video Featuring ECG, Trail Impact Study, Upcoming Events, and more
  • January 2015: We’re Hiring! Trail Will Link RI and CT, Honoring “the Bicycle Man” and more
  • December 2014: Happy Holidays! Highlights of 2014, and more
  • November 2014: 26 New ECG Sections Designated at Fall Greenway Summit in Charleston, Action Alert – High Speed Rail, and more
  • October 2014: 2014 Week a Year Tour Rolls from PA to VA, Trail Openings, Herb Hiller Named Bicycling Visionary, Upcoming Events, and more
  • September 2014: Remembering our 2004 Inaugural Tour, Trail Openings in ME, PA, and NC, Upcoming Events, and more
  • August 2014: Trail Opening in Maine, Route 1&9 Trail Cleaning in New Jersey, Fall Greenway Summit, Upcoming Events, and more
  • July 2014: Susquehanna Bridge Update, Trail Funding in FL, Upcoming Events, and more
  • June 2014: Amtrak to Expand Bicycle Service, Trail Progress in Maine, Successful Cabot Tour, Upcoming Events, and more
  • May 2014: New ECG App, Tours for a Cause, Welcome Summer Interns, Great Upcoming Events, and more
  • April 2014: 10 New Trails Designated, Cabot Tour Rolls in May, Read Our New Annual Report, and more
  • March 2014: Great News in Delaware and South Carolina, 2014 Bike Tours, National Bike Summit, and more
  • February 2014: Join Us in Boston in April, Feedback Needed on MA Route, Thank You to Our FL Partners, and more
  • January 2014: Crossing the Susquehanna River in Maryland, Closing Key Gap in CT, Trail Opening in FL, and more
  • December 2013: Celebrating 2013, Santa Delivers ECG Signs in Miami, RI Office Open House, and more
  • November 2013: New Staff and New Office in New England, New Trail Openings in PA, FL Governor Celebrates ECG Trail Opening, and more
  • October 2013: 15 New Trails Designated as ECG, New England Summit the Best Ever, and more
  • September 2013: Fall Greenway Summit and Meetings, New England Summit, Upcoming Bike Rides, and more
  • August 2013:  ECG Week a Year Tour, We’re Hiring Again, Upcoming Events, and more
  • July 2013:  an ELF Adventure on the ECG, Bridge Reopens Between ME and NH, New Bike Lanes in Newark, and more
  • June 2013: 58th Street Connector Opens, Legare Bridge Update in SC, Upcoming Events, and more
  • May 2013: New Trails Designated, We’re Hiring, I-40 Bridge Placement, and more
  • April2013: Senator Cardin Speaking at ECG Greenway Summit in Baltimore, Membership Renewal Season, New MD/DC ECG Guide Out, Exciting Trail Openings and Bridge Placement in NC, Upcoming Events, and more
  • March 2013: Celebrating Our Trail Coordinator’s 15 Years at the ECGA, Upcoming Events, More Greenway Coming in PA and DE, Trail Openings in NC, Construction on New Sections Greenway in Florida Keys, and more
  • February 2013: ECG Reception in DC, New Greenway Videos in NJ Parks, Providence RI Route Input Needed, New Bike Plans and Infrastructure in PA & MD, New Trails in FL, and more
  • January 2013: National Bike Summit, Signs Make the ECG Safer, Connecticut Members Meeting, Key ECG Section Near Completion in NC, and more
  • December 2012: Celebrating a Great Year!, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Keeps NJ and ECG Leader, Record Number of ECG Signs Posted in 2012, and more
  • November 2012: Celebrating the Life of an ECG Hero, 2012 Fall Meeting a Huge Success, Record 22 New Trail Designations, and more
  • October 2012: New ECG Guide to Biking and Walking in Virgina, Couple Weds on the ECG, Bike/Ped Bridge Opens in Philadelphia, Bike to the 2012 Fall Meeting, Cyclists Enjoy Florida ECG,and much more
  • September 2012: 2012 Week a Year Tour a Huge Success, “Getting Where you Want to Go”Guide in CT, Middlesex Greenway Open in NJ, Upcoming Georgia-lina Bike Summit, Halifax Greenway Moving Forward in Florida,and much more
  • August 2012: Fundrasing for a Cause on the ECG, New England Events Support the ECG, Susquehanna Bridge Crossing by Bus, ECG Construction in NC, Tour of ECG Alt. Route in Florida,and much more
  • July 2012: Largest Tour in ECG History a Huge Success, Beautiful New Bridge in Boston, NYC Events, BCBS NC Invests in ECG Segments, Postcard from Key Largo to Key West Tour,and much more
  • June 2012: New ECG SSection Opens between Newark and Jersey City, Cabot Tour Finale July 7th, Tobacco Heritage Trail progress, upcoming Events, and much more
  • May 2012: Record Number of ECG New Trail Designations, National Meetings a Huge Success, Cabot Tour In Progress, Upcoming Events, and much more
  • April 2012: National Meetings in Maine, Bicycle Coalition of Maine’s 20th Anniversary, Congressman Holt of NJ Walks the ECG, Cabot Event in NC, Florida Greenways Webinar May 10th, and much more
  • March 2012: ECGA at the National Bike Summit, Upcoming Events in MA, Construction on ECG in PA, Beaufort Rail-Trail Coming Soon in SC, Mayport Ferry Task Force in FL, much more
  • February 2012: Members Bike and Walk for the ECG, Hop River Trail Bridge in CT, Upcoming Events in NY, Cabot Tour in NC, Georgia Greenway Updates, much more
  • January 2012: ECGA Co-hosts the Surgeon General in Durham, Roundtable with Congressional Leaders, New Trail Mileage Signs, Trail Progress in MA, Key Gap Closure from Miami to Key West, much more
  • December 2011: 2012 Week-a-Year Tour, Eastern Trail Addition, New Jersey Closes Key ECG Gap, Charleston, SC Bike/ped Bridge Solutions, Florida Trail Progress, much more
  • November 2011: ECG 20th Anniversary Celebrations in NYC on Dec. 10th, $20 for 20 to Support the ECG, ECG Founders, much more
  • October 2011: New ECG Trail Designations, Florida Fall Meeting Summary, ECGA in the News, much more
  • September 2011: Welcome to Our New Mid-Atlantic Coordinator, New England Bike-Walk Summit, Hudson River Loop Ride, Moving Planet Rides, St. John’s River-to-Sea Loop, Annual Meetings, much more
  • August 2011: Route Spotlight: Calais to Portland Maine, East River Greenway in NYC, $1 Million for Beaufort Rail-Trail, Heart of Florida Trail, much more
  • July 2011: Member Spotlight: NJ Freewalker Paul Kiczek, Alternate Route in Massachusetts, Another Link in NYC, Tobacco Heritage Trail in Virginia, Trail Numbers in Georgia, much more
  • June 2011: New England Bike-Walk Summit, Farewell Mike Oliva, Mia Birk Speaking in Richmond, New Durham Office, New Trail in Georgia, much more
  • May 2011: Big Merritt Parkway Trail news, US Bike Route One, Baltimore trail constructions, improvements in Myrtle Beach, much more
  • April 2011: Preview of the ECGA meetings in Simsbury, many fun & educational events from MA to NC, trail development in Richmond, planning for FL’s 500th anniversary
  • March 2011: Reports from the National Bike Summit, many fun events from Mass. to NC, bridge news from Charleston SC
  • February 2011: ECGA is hiring in NC & NJ, Mass. committee meeting, Farmington Canal fun ride planned, & much more
  • January 2011: Coastal Georgia Greenway, West Ashley Greenway (SC), Cross-Jersey Walking Challenge, Southeastern Mass. trails meeting
  • December 2010: Improvements in NJ & RI, promise in PA & SC, events in NC & NJ
  • November 2010: New route for Richmond, progress in Daytona, ribbon-cutting in Maine
  • October 2010: ECGA meetings report, VA and SC trail progress, PA event and NJ signage progress, new RI trail built
  • September 2010: Florida trail tourism website, NC events, New England Bike-Walk Summit, fun rides in NY, NJ & PA
  • August 2010: Florida trail hopes, NC greenway bike tour, Mid-Atlantic TIGER II grant, walking from Maine to NYC on the ECG
  • July 2010: New England Bike-Walk Summit, Southeast High Speed Rail-with-trail, ribbon cuttings in Massachusetts
  • June 2010: special fundraising issue
  • May 2010: Mass. ribbon cutting, NYC fun ride on ECG, NJ 50-mile walk, much from Florida
  • April 2010: Border to Boston Trail, Florida strides, Farmington trail, Pennsylvania news
  • March 2010: National Bike Summit, Florida committee, NJ Portal Bridge, Hartford opportunity
  • February 2010: $16 million TIGER grant for Philly, South East High Speed Rail + greenway, Fairfield County CT
  • January 2010: Virginia Capital Trail, Met Branch Trail (DC), Eastern Trail (Maine), Providence planning (RI)
  • December 2009: Newest Trail Designations, Down East Sunrise Trail, New D&R Canal Groundbreaking, NC Committee Re-Launch
  • September 2009: Greetings from the New Executive Director, Stimulus Funds Build Trail in NJ, Virginia Capital Trail, New Partnerships in Florida
  • July 2009: Dan & Sadie’s Tour, NYC ECG Guide, Cary (NC) Greenways
  • March 2009: Salem (MA) Routing, Westchester Biking Summit, Bridge Improvement in SC, Island Hopper Trail (GA)


Print Newsletter Archives

  • Winter/Spring 2016: Susquehanna River Crossing Progress, Miami Summit, Over 40 Miles of Greenway Designated last fall, and More.
  • Summer 2015: Philadelphia Summit, 14 New Trails Designated this Spring, HQ Office Move, and More.
  • Fall/Winter 2014: Celebrating the 2004 Inaugural Tour, Navigating the ECG Just Got Easier, 10 New Trails Designated this Spring, and More.
  • Spring/Summer 2014: Rolling Strong after a Record Year, Boy Scouts Create Greenway Amenities, Tackling Our Most Challenging Sections, and More.
  • Fall/Winter 2013: 2013 Week a Year Tour Rolls from CT to PA, Meet Our New South Atlantic Coordinator, and More.
  • Spring/Summer 2013: Record Number of Trail Designations in 2012, New Virginia and Maryland Guides Out, and More.
  • Fall/Winter 2012: Key Trail Connection in New Jersey, Record ECG Signs Placed, Report from Second Week-a-Year Tour, and More.
  • Spring/Summer 2012: Second Week-a-Year Tour, Salute to the ECG Founders, From Deck to Greenway Bridge, and More.
  • Summer/Fall 2011: First “Week-a-Year”Tour Kicks Off in Maine, Boats on the Greenway, Getting Trail on the Ground in Lean Financial Times.
  • Winter 2010-11: Record-breaking year for designations; Down East Sunrise Trail complete – 85 miles; FL tourism effort; TIGER grant for Philly.
  • Fall 2009: Executive Director transition; trail progress reports; financial update.
  • Winter 2008-2009: St Johns River-to-the-Sea Loop Cycling Tour Inauguration; 2008 Trail Designations; ECG at Auto Shows.
  • Fall 2008: The Nation’s Mall in Washington D.C. is Part of the East Coast Greenway.
  • Spring 2008: Greenway Cities: Durham, NC; 2007 State of the Trail Report.
  • Winter 2007: Travel the Greenway Campaign; New Tools Available; New Trail Program Leadership Team; Czech Greenway Tour Review.
  • Fall 2007: Who’s on the Trail; Ambassador Program; New Staff; Four Regional Trips; Volunteer Steve Winslow.
  • Summer 2007: Honing in on Closing the Gaps; Fuss & O’Neill Employees Bike to Work; South Bronx Greenway; Staff evaluates ECG in NY and NJ.
  • Spring 2007: The Trail Ahead in 2007; Volunteer Dave Connelly; Florida’s River to Sea Trail.
  • Winter 2006: Reconnaissance Tour; State of the Trail Report; Northern Central Railroad Trail; Volunteer Greg Hinchliffe.
  • Summer 2006: Southeast Program Boosted; Maine Students on the ECG; Waccamaw Neck Bikeway; Close the Gaps Club; Volunteer Dolores Newman.
  • Spring 2006: Explore the Hudson River Park; Greenway Champion Bethel Logan Paris; ECG Trail Markers Posted; Greenways Reduce Back Pain.
  • Fall 2005: Details on the new SAFETEA-LU Act passed by congress and how to access the funds; Connecticut’s Farmington Canal Rail Trail.
  • Summer 2005: “Close the Gaps”campaign announced; Greenway’s first four unsupported through riders.
  • Spring 2005: ECG in Virginia, Mt. Vernon Trail, ECGA advocacy, the Trails for a Healthy Maine Bond, ECG activity in Delaware.
  • Winter 2005: First ECG Maine to Florida Tour, trail progress, 7th Annual Meeting, and our new board chair and vice-chair.
  • Fall 2004: Focus on New Jersey, trail progress around the state and the recently completed route study for the Garden State’s urban northern region.
  • Winter 2003/2004:
  • Summer 2003: ECG Inaugurated, Kevin Porter takes the message to DC, Taking the message to Washington: The Maine Ride.
  • Winter 2002/2003: Year in Review, regional news.
  • Spring/summer 2002: Androscoggin River Bikepath, regional news, Touring South Florida along the ECG.

ECG Publications

    • Guide to the ECG in New Jersey, published in October 2013. Download here, or order a hardcopy below (cost is $5 for shipping and handling).
    • Guide to the ECG in Pennsylvania / Delaware, published in September, 2013. Download here, or order a hardcopy below (cost is $5 for shipping and handling).
    • Guide to the ECG in Maryland / DC, published April, 2013. Download here (we are out of print copies of this guidebook).
    • Guide to the ECG in Virginia, published October 2012. Download here (we are out of print copies of this guidebook).

Guides are $5 each for shipping and handling, or get both guides for $8!

ECG Guide Books