One-Quarter Complete

The East Coast Greenway Alliance announced on November 6 that the ECG is now a quarter complete!  While technically we’re still at 24%, we think that’s close enough to round up just a tiny bit.  Of course, there are scores of stories behind that 24% – well over a hundred trails, each with its own history and heroes.  As a salute to those projects, here are a handful of trails (all parts of the ECG), with links, so that you can learn more about them:

Eastern Trail (Maine)

Farmington Canal Heritage Trail (CT)

B&A Trail (MD)

Virginia Capital Trail (VA)

American Tobacco Trail (NC)

Waccamaw Neck Bikeway (SC)

Overseas Heritage Trail (FL)

And if you’re curious about any other ECG trails, but can’t find sufficient information online, let us know!

-Eric Weis

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