Organizing, and Marketing.

Tomorrow (Thursday, October 22) the day-long Fairfield County / East Coast Greenway Bicycle & Pedestrian Summit will be held in Stamford, CT.  This meeting will be a forum for all interested parties to have their say on topics including safe routes to schools, bicycle tourism, commuting, walkable communities, and more.  We hope to end the day with (among other things) added energy and enthusiasm for the proposed Merritt Parkway Trail, and with the formation of a new county-wide bike & ped advisory group.

I think this is significant in two ways.  The local effort in Fairfield County, obviously, will get a great boost.  This will pay dividends in the years to come.  Also significant is that this is just one of many such summits which the East Coast Greenway Alliance has conducted, or co-conducted, over the past several years.  Summits in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Massachusetts have been important not only because they offered opportunities to solve problems faced by the ECGA, but also because they helped to galvanize support among those already in the fold, and succeeded in bringing new people in.  For a project such as the East Coast Greenway, which has been active for years and will continue to be active for many years to come, this is critical.  So keep your eyes on; there may be a summit coming to your area soon!

On a completely different subject: the Connecticut State Cyclocross Championships are being held in Cheshire this November, and the event will be a fundraiser for the East Coast Greenway!  Being involved with events like this one not only help financially, but are also a great avenue for spreading the word.  As with any endeavor, for the ECG, marketing is crucial.  So come on out to the races, and support the ECG!

– Eric Weis

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