Please join the ECGA Facebook or LinkedIn groups


I’m happy to report that our ECGA is connected to Facebook and LinkedIn, and we are beginning to make good use of the platforms.

You can see the Facebook ECGA page for event announcements along the greenway. You can even post pictures from your hikes or bike rides and share with other members what parts of our corridor inspire you the most. And we can also coordinate some of our engagement campaigns at the page – letting folks know when federal, state, or local leaders need a nudge to do the right thing for our greenway (and the Earth, our checkbooks, our waistlines, etc.).

As I write this, ECGA’s facebook group has 293 members – compared to our ~4,000 total members. Shall we try to reach 500 members by early 2010? I think we can do it 🙂

Our group on the professional networking site, LinkedIn, has only 15 members. We can probably more than double that membership by the end of 2010. If you are a LinkedIn person, you can see our group here.

It’s gonna be fun to see these networks grow, and our capabilities to rapidly communicate with our whole team of staff, board, and members will continue to improve.

We have over 2,000 miles of greenways and safer on-road corridor to build. And as I blogged recently, the iron is hot for progress!

Onwards to a safe and accessible East Coast Greenway,

Dennis Markatos-Soriano

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