Sadie Sighting in Bristol, PA

I went out to the Ferry Pavilion in Bristol for the first (and definitely not the last!) time yesterday. As a Bucks County native, I was surprised that I had never bothered to venture down to such a gorgeous part of Bristol. Upon arriving I was amazed by the beautiful view, and the amount of people out enjoying the afternoon on riverside trails together. Why hadn’t they told me about these before? Didn’t they know I was missing out?

Thank goodness for Dan and Sadie McCrady, who are the reasons I trekked out to Bristol in the first place. Dan and his dog Sadie are riding from Annapolis, Maryland to Portland, Maine, an 850 mile trip down the ECG, to raise awareness for the East Coast Greenway.

Dan and Sadie’s arrival in Bristol was attended by city, county, state and federal officials as well as those following his intriguing story and path up the coast. They were flooded with questions and head scratches (Sadie, not Dan) as Dan told us their travel tale (tail?). To follow their story, straight from the dog’s mouth, check out Dan’s blog , and if you catch a glimpse of them—let us know!

path along the river

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Everyone there to meet Dan and Sadie

Everyone there to meet Dan and Sadie

Danielle Fisher

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