Safety First

There are many reason to support greenways.   Greenways reduce traffic congestion, provide an economic stimulus for family businesses, reduce CO2 emissions, prevent obesity, provide recreational opportunities and contribute other values that support a high quality of life.  But life itself may be the best benefit of all.  According to Transportation for America, nearly 5,000 people die in our nation each year on roads that fail to provide safe conditions for pedestrians.  Certainly roads without appropriate bike and pedestrian facility present a serious safety condition throughout the U.S.

What is more, it turns out that three of the most dangerous cities in the United States for pedestrians are within the planned route of the ECG. Raleigh, Miami, Jacksonville are all listed as particularly dangerous.  Further, Florida is ranked as the most dangerous of all states for pedestrians.  Completion of the ECG will provide a safe travel corridor for bikers and walkers and will stimulate the construction of numerous other safe trails in communities adjacent to the ECG.

Let’s give ourselves a break and build all of the ECG.

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