“The Big Walk” A 50 mile one day walk along the ECG, May 23rd

Michael Oliva, Mid Atlantic Coordinator

Over 65 people have signed up so far! Join us for what will be a fun day and great experience along the ECG!!

“The Big Walk”, or NJ2NY50, is a one-day distance walk that will occur on Sunday, May 23, 2010, along the East Coast Greenway starting in Metropark Station, Iselin, NJ and ending at Penn Station, New York City. The objective of the event is to walk 50 miles at a moderate pace through various communities and commercial areas in our metropolitan area. Participants can choose to walk any distance up to 50 miles and set their own goals, while walking with the group. Online registration is currently open and there is no charge for participating.



This is a joint effort of individuals and pro-pedestrian organizations to build awareness of the East Coast Greenway, health and fitness, and alternative transportation options. For your convenience, join with the group at various meeting points along the trail that are in proximity to rail and bus lines. Adventure to places you probably have not seen up close. Join other walkers and advocates of pedestrian rights in building better communities. Be part of the movement.

One of our goals is also to raise money for the non profit East Coast Greenway Alliance. Donations big and small can be made here, www.firstgiving.com/ny2nj50

Visit www.NJ2NY50.org for event and registration details. Or, contact Paul Kiczek, Project Leader, 973-285-0207 info@NJ2NY50.org


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  1. Cathy Markatos says:

    Will some of the people participating walk some with their bicycles and bicycle other parts?

    Do you have advice for type of socks and shoes
    for a walk of this length? Hope you have
    beautiful weather! I might consider one like
    this closer to my home in NC.

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