Through bikers (and hikers)

After this cold snap finally left the east coast we enjoyed a mild weekend here in the Carolina’s.  I was too busy to get the bike the of the shed on Saturday, so I promised myself a ride on the East Coast Greenway on Sunday.  The weather report was for warm with a chance of showers.  As it turned out, the “showers”were more like “sheets”of warm driving rain and I found myself soaked to the bone only half a mile from my house.  I almost turned around at that point but decided to make the best of on the Ellerbe Creek Greenway in Durham, NC.

As I splashed and sloshed my way along the ECG, I thought of the intrepid bikers and hikers who have, and will, cover the entire ECG in one go.  Much of my current focus on the ECG is centered on improving commuter routes, increasing recreation opportunity and linking greenways to business centers and schools.  These are all goals that make the ECG a invaluable resource to us all.  However, for pure motivation and excitement it is hard to beat the thrill of imagining a 3,000 mile epic voyage that starts in your own back yard.

So, while my 10 mile jaunt in inclement weather gave me a nice sense of satisfaction, I tip my soggy helmet to those grand travels who have completed, planned, or even dreamed of a long distance trip on the ECG.

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