Trails in cities

This Saturday (Nov 7) the ECGA has its fall Trail Council meeting in Savannah, GA.  I’ve been putting together a few presentations for the meeting, and while doing so, reflecting on trails in cities along the ECG; in particular, I’ve been thinking about how nice it is to see a city while on bike or foot.

Washington, DC has the National Mall, NYC has the Hudson River Greenway, Boston has the Charles River Bikepath, there’s the Miami River Greenway in Miami… and scores of great trails in smaller cities, like the Eastern Promenade Trail in Portland ME, Providence Riverwalk (Providence, RI), Long Wharf Trail (New Haven, CT), River Street Promenade in Savannah, Christina Riverwalk (Wilmington, DE), Greenfield Lake Park Path (Wilmington, NC).  I could go on for hours, of course, but you get the picture: most every city, large and small, along the ECG has built up some sort of linear park.  And I find that more often than not a stroll or roll along these paths is the best way to see a city in a relaxed manner that puts a smile on my face.

So next time you’re traveling for work or pleasure to a city along the eastern seaboard, check the maps section on to see where the trails are.  Bring or rent a bike, or bring your walking shoes.  You won’t be disappointed.

– Eric Weis

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