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Welcome, 2015 Week a Year Tour riders! 

We are very excited about this year’s tour from Fredericksburg to Raleigh!  You’ll be going through both interesting cities and beautiful rural areas on the ECG route, and will roll through our headquarters city of Durham, NC.

On this page you’ll find links the items we’ve emailed, in one location. Please let us know if you have any questions or don’t see something you need.





About the 2015 Week a Year Tour

Dates: The tour will start the morning of Sunday, October 4th and end on Friday, October 9th. Everyone will need to be in Fredericksburg by the night of Sat. Oct. 3rd so the tour can start early Sunday AM.

We have a hotel block reserved in Fredericksburg for the night of the 3rd. You can park vehicles at the hotel in Fredericksburg for the week for free.

There will be a shuttle going from Raleigh back to Fredericksburg on the evening of Oct. 9th.  We also have a hotel block reserved in Fredericksburg for the 9th to accommodate people who wish to stay that night before heading the rest of the way home.

Length: This year’s tour will be around 324 miles. The average per day will be approximately 55 miles, with some shorter and some longer days. There will be two days around 70 miles, and since we are going in October, daylight will be shorter. Because of this we need everyone to be done riding by 5 PM each day, so riders must be able to average a minimum of 11 – 15 miles per hour speed.

The biking distances per day are:

Sunday – Fredericksburg to Richmond – 72 miles
Monday – Richmond to Petersburg – 32 miles
Tuesday – Petersburg to South Hill – 71 miles *
Wednesday – South Hill to Clarksville – 43 miles
Thursday – Clarksville to Durham – 61 miles
Friday – Durham to Raleigh – 50 miles

(*Due to a lack of hotels in rural Virginia, we had to combine 2 days of riding for an approx. 70 mile day. It’s fairly flat through there though, and there’s a short day before and after.)

Cities / Hotels: Heading out from Fredericksburg, VA, the ride will stop in Richmond, VA; Petersburg (Dinwiddie), VA; South Hill, VA; Clarkesville, VA; and Durham, NC. We have group block discounts on hotels for the tour. The costs average $100 per night for a 2-person room (before tax).

Cost: $100 registration fee plus $700 fundraised or donated. We are offering a shuttle at the end of the tour back to the starting location for an additional $50 per person. (The shuttle will head back to Fredericksburg after the ride ends on Friday afternoon 10/9. Exact time TBA.)

Riders are responsible for their own lodging and food costs. We have an easy-to-use platform for online fundraising.

Click to download the 2015 WAY Tour Daily Briefing (PDF) with important phone numbers and daily logistics.

Logistics: Cue sheets will be provided prior to the start of the tour. We will also have Garmin GPS data if you wish to utilize a GPS, and an ECG app available for iPhone and Android.

Support: Alan, a bicycle mechanic who supported the tour for the past 3 years, will be joining us again. A truck will bring everyone’s gear to the hotels each night, and we plan to have a SAG wagon to provide additional support.

Conditions: Approximately 20% of the tour will be on trails.  About 18 miles of the trails on this year’s route are unpaved on crushed stone-dust trail and about 5 miles are on gravel. Road bikes or hybrids should be fine for use on this year’s route.

Hotels – a list will be provided soon.

Above is a link to the list of hotels for the tour with the block discount information and pricing for our group. Everyone needs to make and pay for their own reservations. Please be sure to reserve so well in advance of the block end date!

If you have friends or family in one of these towns, you do not have to stay in the hotels, but this is where the truck will be bringing gear to and from each day, so you’ll need to be there to drop off / collect your gear if you’re staying elsewhere.

(Want a roommate? Let Debbie know and we’ll try to match you up with another tour participant.)


For this year’s tour, each tour participant has committed to raising or donating a minimum of $700 for the East Coast Greenway Alliance (in addition to the $100 registration fee). Your fundraising will help spread the word about the ECG, and your friends and family who donate $25 or higher will receive a year membership to the ECGA. The funds you raise will go directly toward strengthening our trail program — allowing us to designate more miles of greenway, sign more of the route, and advocate for new trail segments. THANK YOU!

Below is more information about how the fundraising will work, and you can download a sample fundraising letter and some tips on how to reach and potentially exceed $700. And we will have some great prizes for people who exceed the $700 goal! 

Firstgiving, the online fundraising program we use for the WAY tour, has been extremely successful. People can see what you’ve raised so far, which helps generate more donations, and it’s much easier for your donors to make a quick donation online. It also minimizes the work on you of collecting and forwarding me their checks, and it’s easier for me to process the online donations on my end. I would like everyone to try Firstgiving this year, and if you need help setting it up, we will be glad to help out and can even create your page for you – just let me know! 
Checks: Yes, we can still take checks (made out to the ECGA) if one of your donors prefers. If a donor is planning to make a larger donation ($500 and up), we prefer to receive that via check than on Firstgiving

Here is a sample fundraising letter you can use as a template for an email or letter to send to your network. Other people prefer to telephone or do a presentation to support their fundraising. Do whatever works for you, and let us know if you have any tips or ideas you’d like to pass along to others!

Setting Up Your Firstgiving Page
We have created an online Firstgiving fundraising page for the tour, so you will be able to create your own page that people can donate to online, and track how much you are raising. (Do you need help? Please let Debbie know and we can help you create your page for you!)

Here is how it works:

  • Go to our page for the tour: and click the Fundraise button.
  • Fill in the fields to create your Firstgiving account (if you already have an account on Firstgiving, log in to it) and click next.
  • On the Create Page box, you can add a picture of yourself, your fundraising goal (min. $700, but don’t stop there!), and include in the “my story” section what you want to say about why you are doing the tour, why you are supporting the ECG, etc. (Check out the attached sample fundraising letter if you need some inspiration on what to say.) When you are done, click Submit.
  • Your page is ready to go! You can click the link to see it live, and email the link to friends, post on Facebook, etc. If you want to make changes at any time, you can login and under Manage Your Page click edit story, add photos, etc.
  • You can add checks or cash received to your fundraising page so your full tally shows up on your page. When you’re logged into your fundraising page, go to the “Your Fundraising” tab and select “Enter offline donations.” A form field will come up and you can enter the donor’s name and amount in there.

It will be really easy for people to donate to your page! Once you send out the link, people will click on the Donate button and that’s it. And anyone who donates $20 or higher will become an ECGA member for a year! (As the ECGA page administrator Debbie will be able to get their name, email and address, and amt. donated. Their credit card no. is not shown to us, however, so is secure.)

One of our Board members who is an experienced fundraiser, Bob Spiegelman of NH, is available for coaching if you need any support in the fundraising task. Let us know if you want his contact information! Here are some great fundrasing tips from Bob.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the fundraising. Thank you again for your support – you are making this tour a huge success for our organization!


There are a few options for how to navigate on the tour so that you can choose what method works for you. ALSO, one of our staff will lead and one will sweep (ride at the end of the riders) each day, so you are most welcome to ride with either of them. (If staff are needed at events, another rider will help lead or sweep.)

1. The ECG mobile app or map.greenway.orgThe app, for use when on the route, is available for free from iTunes or Google Play. We will have a webinar before the tour to go over how to use the app and the web mapping.

2. ECG cue sheets. These are cue sheets for the entire day, from hotel to hotel. You can print these out if you wish, or upload the files to your mobile phone. (If you wish to use them, please print them out at home.). Excel files are uploaded below in case you would like to modify the font type of size.

WAY Tour Day_1

WAY Tour Day_2

WAY Tour Day_3

WAY Tour Day_4

WAY Tour Day_5

WAY Tour Day_6

3. ECG GPX files, these were emailed to all riders. Please email if you need a copy.