What a difference volunteer media engagement makes

by Dennis Markatos-Soriano

Happy Holidays everyone!

I wanted to share a short note with you emphasizing the importance of strong media engagement for everyone interested in helping us complete the East Coast Greenway. One of the necessary steps toward completing the next 2,000 miles of greenway is raising the profile of our project. The more people hear about this great “Urban Appalachian Trail,”the more we will pull together the network of support that will make it a reality.

All of us on the staff will be doing what we can to interact effectively with many streams of media (from newspapers to radio to TV to social networking websites). And we are most effective when we work in concert with our members and volunteers — folks willing to call a talk-show or write a letter-to-the editor (LTE).

As an example, I want to share a great LTE that Florida Trail Council member, Steven Davis, wrote which was published a couple weeks back in the Florida Times-Union. It is available here and I quote much of it below:

Greenways: A win-win for everyone

– They create $46.9 billion in bicycling trip-related expenditures…”

The LTE goes on here. Thanks so much, Steven, for taking the time to submit such a great letter! Short notes such as this are vital to keep the buzz about the East Coast Greenway circulating in every local community that we aim to connect. They don’t even have to be as well-researched as Steven’s — they can be sharing positive sentiment about the greenway and a story of a fun trip you had on the greenway. Please let me know if you have any questions for us on how you can help engage different media to help the East Coast Greenway move forward.

Together, we will establish a safe, accessible corridor for the enjoyment of millions of people in the 2010s and for generations to come.

Onwards to great progress-

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