From our executive director: Amidst uncertainty, let's be bold

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As the year 2017 approaches, we face significant uncertainty from the top funding source for East Coast Greenway planning and construction: the federal government. But rather than pulling back and waiting to see how things play out in Washington, I see now as the time for the Greenway to be bold. That’s why we are hiring two more full-time regional coordinators to ramp up our efforts and impact in the South, bringing us to full staffing levels for local and state engagement, Maine to Florida.

Thanks to generous people like you, we accomplished unprecedented feats in Greenway development this year. We installed signs on a record 300 new miles and received our strongest media attention and network growth ever. We are investing to keep building this momentum. We'll be putting on the biggest programs in our history in the new year, a 3,000-mile East Coast River Relay and the first-ever Southeast Greenways & Trails Summit.

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What we know about 2017: Challenges to our environment, public health, and economy will persist. Your support makes us stronger than ever to tackle these challenges and build solutions that last. We need, and appreciate, your end-of-year gift, and we promise that your support will boldly go where it’s needed most to transform sustainable transportation and recreation throughout the Eastern Seaboard.

Happy holidays!


Dennis Markatos-Soriano, Executive Director   

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