From our executive director: Building unity through and for the Greenway

me 8 23 greenway along st croix canada on other side
On the Greenway in Calais, Maine, looking across the St. Croix River to Canada. Dennis took this photo with his kids playing at sunset in August, the day before we launched the East Coast River Relay.

The East Coast River Relay was such an inspiring experience, celebrating our 25th year. We connected deeply with our corridor through one of the most exciting features along the Greenway: our majestic rivers. As much as the Greenway journey fosters encounters with the moose to the manatee and blueberry pie to Key lime pie, it also connects us to the Penobscot and Charles, the Hudson and Delaware, the Potomac and Cape Fear, and the Savannah and St. Johns. 

Over the past 10 weeks, we hosted thousands of people through events from bike rides and walks to paddles and cleanups. The media generated by the Relay reached over 15 million more people as we came together for universal common values: our love for clean water and the outdoors. We partnered with more organizations than we ever have before, over 150 institutions from local neighborhood groups to national nonprofits. 

The partnerships we reinforced with governors, mayors, public advocates, and civic-minded businesses are exactly what we need to accomplish our dreams of a safe and accessible 3,000-mile East Coast Greenway, a treasure that can become the most popular park in America. 

As a supporter and follower of the East Coast Greenway, you were with us as we pedaled between events, as we thanked local leaders, and as we enjoyed that long-sought slice of Key lime pie. Let's keep working hard to achieve our common goals while enjoying all the adventures and successes large and small along the way.

Thank you!


Dennis Markatos-Soriano, Executive Director

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