From our executive director: Giving thanks for 25 years of impact

first meeting

In this season of giving thanks, I'm inspired to look back at our organization's first 25 years. Starting at our founding meeting in New York City the day after Thanksgiving in 1991, a handful of tenacious women and men set a strong foundation for the idea of the East Coast Greenway. The organization first hired staff in the mid-1990s and has moved over 750 miles of the Greenway forward since.

At our 25th anniversary kick-off in Providence, RI, on November 12, we had the privilege of hearing stories from our founders about the organization's early years. As a small, young nonprofit, ECGA faced many challenges with poise, creativity, and determination. New people have been steadily brought into the effort, and now we can celebrate over a billion dollars in local, state, and federal investment that have established one of the most popular parks in America: a 3,000-mile linear park hosting over 10 million visits every year.

After one of the most divisive elections in our nation’s history, our growing Greenway plays a critical role in bringing people and communities together. People of every ethnicity, income level, and political affiliation enjoy a higher quality of life as the Greenway helps them get healthy and connect with the outdoors.

Please consider marking our 25th anniversary with a contribution (which will be matched by several generous donors) to celebrate 25 years of strong impact by our volunteers, staff, and partners. With your help, we will finish the job in these next 25 years.

To continued impact and a healthy and sustainable tomorrow,


Dennis Markatos-Soriano, Executive Director   

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