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The East Coast Greenway Alliance's new website is designed to function well on all devices, from phones to tablets, laptops, and desktops.

We’re excited to share the newly redesigned  Late this winter we began the redesign process with thorough research. Our consultants analyzed the stats for where and how people visited the website and where we were losing them. They interviewed nearly two dozen stakeholders: members, partners, donors, board members, and staff. The resulting design and content reflects that research, offering more of the information that people want and need about the East Coast Greenway: Where is the route? How can I use it? How is it progressing, and how I can help?

Top 5 reasons to check out the new

1. Trip ideas. You want to experience the Greenway, but you need a few ideas for where to go. For starters, we’ve created a handful of itineraries (see “Trips”) recommended by our regional coordinators for one-day, weekend, and longer trips by bike or foot. We look forward to showcasing more trips, including your suggestions, which you can submit with an easy online form.

2. We’re mobile. Our website now works even better on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. So take us with you!

3. Showcasing events. We’re about to throw our own 25th birthday party, the East Coast River Relay, and host our first-ever Southeast Greenways & Trails Summit. Our new site helps us share more event features, and the new event calendar  helps you find more event details.

4. Maps and more maps. We’ve heard you: You want to know where the Greenway goes and where you can go on it. You’ll find new overview maps of our spine route and complementary route for each state we pass through (see "States"), giving you a quick idea of where the Greenway is protected and off-road and where it’s not.

For route details, click “Map Tool” on the main menu and on "map your trip" links on every state page. These will take you to, our online mapping tool, where you can plan your route and generate cue sheets. Even more exciting news: We’re launching an updated, more mobile-responsive version of map.greenway late this summer.

5. Two-way conversations. We’ve got so many stories to tell of the volunteers and partners who are helping to grow this ambitious route. The new website lets us share those stories in multiple places, not just on the blog — so you’ll find feature stories on relevant state pages and other places.  Find contact information for each state’s Greenway coordinator and committee chair on the state pages. And new inquiry forms and easy links to our social media channels help you join the conversation. Send us feedback, and share your stories and photos of the Greenway. 

Thank you to our user experience and design team at P'unk Avenue — including Emily Bahna, Stuart Romanek, and Austin Starin — and to all of our stakeholders who took time to talk with the consultants. And special thanks to Todd Kurland of Global Interaction, who has generously lent us his astute IT advice over the years.

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