I'm Lucky to Live Along the Greenway

by Dennis Markatos-Soriano Family just came into town yesterday, and what better way to welcome them to Princeton than a nice walk on the East Coast Greenway! I admit I'm lucky to live so close to the greenway, an amenity a growing number of people want in their backyard. In fact, recent studies have found that people love greenways so much that their proximity helps homes retain their value and appreciate - a crucial benefit these days of uncertain home prices. And I have to agree that it's a joy to be able to bike to soccer, canoeing and other destinations along the greenway, which is locally the D&R Canal Towpath. The East Coast Greenway utilizes the towpath for more than 35 miles of traffic-free trail from New Brunswick all the way to a couple blocks from the Delaware River in Trenton. The walk not only worked up our dinner appetite, but it gave us a chance to see 3 rabbits chewing next to the path, a turtle soaking up the evening sun, some fish swimming in the canal, and colorful flowers and dragonflies flowing in the breeze. And I was happy to see a good mix of walkers, joggers, and cyclists also enjoying the greenway along with us. To see a bit of this stretch for yourself, feel free to join our bike ride on Saturday, August 14th from 9:30am to lunch! Onwards to greenway progress- Dennis
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