November photo contest co-winner: Alan Minor of Bristol, CT

alan minor photo
Alan Minor's took this photo of the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail in Granby, Connecticut, just north of where the East Coast Greenway turns east, as fall was coming to New England.


By day, Alan Minor works indoors as an auto body technician. So at night and on the weekends, he loves getting outdoors with his family. "We enjoy riding the rails-to-trails.  We try to get out on the local greenways as much as possible, usually a couple times a week," says Minor. "The trails are well kept, safer and quieter than streets!" They'll take Sunday morning rides to local farmers markets and evening rides to cool off on hot summer evenings, he says.

When Minor and his wife, Catherine, aren't pedaling with their one-year-old daughter, Haley, strapped in a seat behind Alan, they're usually hiking up and down mountains. "We love hanging around a local pine forest in our hammocks," he says.

Minor took this month's winning photo in Granby, Connecticut, on the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, just north of the East Coast Greenway. "I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of true fall here in Connecticut," he says. "And we are looking forward to riding the newest section of the Greenway, which is set to open soon."

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Alan Minor with his wife, Catherine, and daughter, Haley, hiking recently on Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire.
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