October photo contest winner: Ian Carr of Washington, D.C.

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Trail friends: Sheena Enriquez and a pony in Ellsworth, Maine. Ian Carr took this photo, our October photo contest winner, towards the end of a bike trip on the East Coast Greenway.

Ian Carr took this photo of his friend, Sheena Enriquez, in Ellsworth, Maine, towards the end of a bike trip with Sheena and her fiance, Louis. They started in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and rode to Provincetown, where they took a ferry to Boston and rode north to Acadia, Maine, over a week.

“We camped and stayed with friends along the way. None of us had really been there before and we were working entirely off of maps and street view. Using the East Coast Greenway made for so many surprises (in a good way),” Carr says. “Getting off of a shoulder on a high-speed road and onto some quiet rails-to-trails sections is a really nice, relieving feeling. Some of the bike infrastructure can be so hidden. Having it all mapped out made our trip enormously better.”

Carr is a fourth-year doctoral student at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.. At home, “I’m on and off the East Coast Greenway all the time,” he says. The Greenway and other infrastructure make the city “a great place to get around entirely by bike.”

Enriquez remembers spotting the pen of ponies just off the road in Ellsworth. “They seemed curious and happy to meet us, even though we didn't have snacks to give them,” she says.

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Selfie with bike: Ian Carr. Follow him on Instagram @ianacarr
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