Remarkable achievements by a movement full of leaders

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The year 2016 was another one for the record books as our organization's impact grew to new heights — from signing 300 miles to attracting over $50 million in public investment and receiving the most media attention yet. Leaders like you were integral to these accomplishments. We are becoming a movement full of leaders, from the founders and early volunteers who we celebrated in November at our 25th anniversary kickoff to newer advocates like this month's Greenway champion, John Pucher.

The more than 60,000 people in our growing network are transforming their communities into models of health, sustainability, and strong economic development. Many of you are elected officials and government staff, others are public advocates volunteering their time for a cause they love, and still others support the effort through hard-earned resources and connections needed to move the Greenway forward. Add this mix together and you get a potent movement poised to make even more gains for the people and nature of the Eastern Seaboard.

This year, we will need more and more of you to get involved through our Ambassador Program and other initiatives to help make the East Coast River Relay and our greenway development campaign a huge success.

Thank you for your service. Together, we can keep the wind at our backs!

Dennis Markatos-Soriano

Executive Director

p.s. Speaking of people, enjoy this video salute to some of the remarkable volunteers, staff members, board members and others who have powered the dream of the East Coast Greenway over the last 25 years.

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