September photo contest winner: Adrian Fletcher, American Tobacco Trail

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Adrian Fletcher took this photo of his son, Miles, riding with him into Durham on the Greenway's American Tobacco Trail.

The photo has a fall-like, back-to-school feel, but Adrian Fletcher actually took the photo in the heat of August in North Carolina. He and his son, Miles, 7, were riding into Durham on the Greenway's American Tobacco Trail. "Bike shop camp" is what Fletcher calls the days when his son doesn't have school or other scheduled activities and so tags along to the bike shop, Seven Stars Cycles, that his dad co-owns in downtown Durham.

"He's an avid cyclist and he loves to help out in the shop," Fletcher says. "He gives me a hand with every flat tire that comes in."

They have a three-mile commute to the shop but live less than two blocks from Miles' school, so biking to school isn't really necessary. Fletcher helps organize a bike-to-school day every May for the school and comes up with a slightly longer route so Miles can ride.

Fletcher doesn't pay for any advertising for his shop, instead relying on taking and posting photos on social media as well as word-of-mouth to spread the word.

"I love taking pictures of my boy riding, to encourage other parents to get their kids out on bikes," he says.

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