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Walking the Eastern Trail past Bug Light in South Portland, ME. Brianna Soukup/Portland Press Herald photo

Welcome to the East Coast Greenway in Maine

The East Coast Greenway begins its journey in Calais, Maine, at the Canadian border. The route through Maine continues south and west for 367 miles through a mix of natural and cultural highlights, from coastal communities and historic mill cities to Down East blueberry barrens. The 87-mile Sunrise Trail (former logging roads in Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge) is the longest continuous stretch of the Greenway to date. At Ellsworth, travelers can select an alternate 150-mile coastal route or the spine route, which heads through Bangor. The two routes meet up again north of Portland.

Between major trail projects on the northern and southern ends of the route, Greenway visitors will find several major gaps interspersed with a smattering of local and multi-town projects. After the Sunrise Trail, the route from Ellsworth to Waterville is principally on road. From Waterville to Portland, much of the Greenway is marked by local trails — some complete, some under development — and significant stretches of on-road routing. Portland can be traversed almost entirely off road, leading travelers to the South Portland Greenbelt. The South Portland Greenbelt is the northernmost part of the Eastern Trail, heading to South Berwick. The ECG is working with stakeholders to identify potential off-road routing for the 13-mile stretch from South Berwick to New Hampshire.

Current projects

The Maine Committee for the East Coast Greenway consists of volunteers who coordinate route selection and Greenway advocacy with public agencies and organizations at the local and state levels. Current committee projects include:

  • Sign the entire route through Maine with ECG trail markers
  • Offer events and other programming to encourage more use of the Greenway
  • Identify critical gaps in the ECG network and strategize on closing them (the Eastern Trail’s gap in Scarborough is one of many campaigns the ECGA supports)

How to get involved

  1. Join the East Coast Greenway Alliance. As a member, you’ll receive monthly news and features about the Greenway and its development.
  2. “Friend” us. For news about the Greenway, timely event notices, and other updates, follow the East Coast Greenway Alliance on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  1. Contact us. Let us know of your interest in volunteering. Contact:



Our partners and supporters in Maine

We are proud to be working with many great partners to bring the project to completion in the state of Maine. Our partners include but are not limited to:

Committee Resources

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