A runner on the Eastern Promenade in Portland, Maine.

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Interstate 295 Veranda Street Bridge Replacement

The Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT) is replacing the Interstate 295 Veranda Street Bridge. In addition to the replacement bridge, the current design includes upgraded sidewalks, bikes lanes and additional on-street parking. What the design lacks, however, is safe bicycle accommodations for all ages and abilities. 

It is more cost efficient to build necessary bicycle and pedestrian facilities as part of a larger planned project like the Veranda Street Bridge. Not considering separated bike and pedestrian facilities as part of this project would ignore years of public feedback and planning recommendations and would be a missed opportunity for both transportation and recreation in Portland and beyond. 

veranda bridge project
A closer look at the area impacted by the Veranda Street Bridge I-295 project.

Two Ways to Make Your Voice Heard

1. Attend the next public meeting on Tuesday, April 30, 4 PM

MaineDOT is holding an open house and public workshop at Holiday Inn by the Bay (Casco Room), 88 Spring Street in Portland. MaineDOT will “present the proposed recommendations for the project, listen to concerns, receive comments and answer questions from anyone with interest in the project.”

2. Write to MaineDOT

Cut and paste this message (and add to it as you like) and send to MaineDOT (be sure to add your name and address in your email):

Please include safe biking and walking accommodations in your reconfiguration of the Veranda Street Bridge project. Not adding separated bike and pedestrian facilities as part of this project means ignoring years of planning recommendations. 

By safely connecting the recently completed shared-use path on the Martin’s Point Bridge and the Back Cove and Eastern Prom Trails, this project represents a significant opportunity to expand active transportation and recreation in Portland and beyond as it closes a key gap in the East Coast Greenway.

Inquiries regarding this project may be directed to Joel Kittredge, Project Manager, Maine Department of Transportation via phone at 207-624-3550 or email at joel.kittredge@maine.gov.  

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