Bicycle recommendations


The route for the New York City-to-Philadelphia Greenway Ride can be completed with a hybrid, gravel or road bike. We recommend a hybrid, gravel or other bike with thicker tires due to the mixed terrain of the ride route. If riding a road bike, we recommend a minimum tire width of 28mm. Route conditions will vary based on weather and can be a little slower going right after or during rain with muddy patches of trail. A bike inspection sheet will be included in the Pre-Ride Guide to make sure you are ready to roll. 

Tandem bikes are permitted for the New York City-to-Philadelphia Greenway Ride. However, each rider must register as an individual at either the standard or premium rate. 

Class 1 electric bikes are permitted with a recommended speed limit of 15 mph. 

Unlimited Biking will provide convenient bike rental services for the event beginning at $99. You may pick up your bike at the start and drop it off in Philadelphia at the conclusion of the ride with no need to transport your bike. Details for bike rental will be available soon. 

I have more questions. Who can I talk to? Global Impact Productions staff members are available to answer your New York City-to-Philadelphia Greenway Ride questions via email at and via phone at (212) 989-1111 x 102.

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