Wilmington, NC, to South Carolina: Week 7, River Relay

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Shots from Branson Kimball's last day of River Relay riding, from Fayetteville to Wilmington, NC.

Day 44

Oct. 6: Another sunny, dry, warm day. Dave and Branson rode 90-plus miles today from Fayetteville to Wilmington, NC. Fun to hit town just as Riverfest booths and stalls are going up near the Riverwalk. There will be lots of river celebrations going on this weekend!

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Day 45

Oct. 7: We talked with two dozen or so Wilmington locals at Cape Fear River Watch offices as part of the nonprofit's Saturday Seminars series. Great questions and interest in the East Coast Greenway, and starting the day with blueberry pancakes is highly recommended.

img 0020
Our haul from picking up trash on Keg Island on the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, N.C.

Day 46

Oct. 8: On our last day in Wilmington, NC, we partnered with Cape Fear River Watch and Kemp Burdette, Cape Fear Riverkeeper, and paddled over to Keg Island to pick up trash. Our haul included 1 sleeping bag, 1 comforter, 1 boat cushion, and hundreds of old bottles and cans.

0620 myrtle beach ribbon cutting 1
Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes (center, left) and former Planning Director Jack Walker cut the ribbon on the Jack Walker trailhead facility in Myrtle Beach on the East Coast Greenway with Week-A-Year Tour cyclists and East Coast River Relay staff looking on.

Day 47

Oct. 9: Many of our Week-A-Year Tour riders caught a beautiful sunrise over the beach in Ocean Isle, NC, before heading south for Myrtle Beach, SC. They encountered busy roads and intersections as well as a beautiful greenway as they entered Myrtle Beach. We celebrated the opening of the Jack Walker trailhead as well as Myrtle Beach becoming the first city to complete its stretch of East Coast Greenway.

outside of myrtle beach
Cyclists bound from Myrtle Beach to Georgetown, S.C. on the Week A Year Tour.

Day 48

Oct. 10: The WAY Tour cyclists had a short day today, 36 miles from Myrtle Beach to Georgetown, SC. Unseasonable humidity and warm rain kept things soupy, as Silvia Ascarelli describes in her blog, Exploring by Bicycle.

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screen shot 2017 10 12 at 5 55 05 am
Week a Year Tour riders on the bike-friendly Ravenel Bridge leading into Charleston, S.C.

Day 49

Oct. 11: With an 80-plus mile day from Georgetown to Charleston, S.C., WAY Tour cyclists were urged to shuttle part of the route on busy Rt. 17. They ended their day riding over the breathtaking — and bike friendly — Arthur Ravenel Jr. bridge into the city and joining River Relay rides with local cyclists. A clean-up, sponsored locally by Boeing, brought still more people out to the West Ashley Greenway.

screen shot 2017 10 13 at 7 11 10 am
Week a Year Tour cyclists show us their warrior poses as they get ready to face a long day that includes stretches of Highway 17.

Day 50

Oct. 12: You won't find much love for U.S. Route 17 among the Week a Year Tour cyclists. They had to pedal sections of the highway to get from Charleston to Beaufort, SC, 70-plus miles today. Those rides, some protected by the sag vehicles, were broken up by stretches of quieter road and greenway, highlighted with trees draped in Spanish moss.

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