Executive director's letter: The importance of federal investment

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In the 1930s, crews from the federal stimulus program, the Works Progress Administration, cleared paths for the roads that became the Blue Ridge Parkway (National Parks Service photo)

Throughout our nation's history, federal investment has been key for transformational projects such as rail in the 1800s, national treasures like the Blue Ridge Parkway in the 1900s, and trails here in the 21st century. Over the past 27 years, the vast majority of the $1 billion in resources to plan, design, and construct a third of the East Coast Greenway has come through federal transportation programs. 

Our project, serving tens of millions of Americans in 450 communities and 15 states, is moving forward thanks to all of us pitching in to pool public resources for the common good. We went to Washington last month because we see an opportunity for a big leap forward through the 2018 U.S. Department of Transportation's BUILD cycle.  Thank you to everyone who contacted U.S. DOT or your elected representative as part of the effort. Together, we sent a strong message that leaders and advocates throughout the Eastern Seaboard would like to see BUILD invest in health, sustainability, and prosperity via Greenway projects, especially in our rural regions.  

Funding the construction of our portfolio of East Coast Greenway projects can be a down payment toward bringing together a currently divided nation. United we stand. United for the Greenway, we stand stronger, working towards a healthy and prosperous future.


Dennis Markatos-Soriano, Executive Director


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