Executive director's letter: The need to dig deeper

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Walkers and cyclists check out the new Jack Markell Trail stretch of Greenway near the DuPont Environmental Education Center in Wilmington, DE.

I'm excited to see every bit of progress the Greenway makes, from remarkable new segments like the Markell Trail in Delaware and over 30 continuous new miles around Titusville, Florida, to our record-breaking number of through-riders — even walkers — on the Greenway this year. We are achieving most of our strategic plan results ahead of time and our organization is thriving.

But we didn't get the amount of infrastructure investment we hoped for from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s BUILD program. The federal program focused more on big-ticket port and road projects. And recent data show that our nation took steps in the wrong direction this year regarding pollution and obesity. Greenhouse gas emissions rose significantly in the US and globally for the first time in years while a new UN report shows emissions need to be cut in half over the next 12 years. And our nation's obesity rate increased to 40% of adults for the first time.

So our organization needs to get stronger and act even more strategically to meet these challenges. That is why we are hiring new teammates such as a second communications professional to lift up our regional solution for a healthy and sustainable future.

I remain hopeful, as long as we continue to grow our momentum to get the Greenway done and inspire tens of millions more people to use it for their commutes and recreation. Please support the Greenway this giving season so that we can rise together to face the urgent challenges in front of us.

Thank you,


Dennis Markatos-Soriano, Executive Director


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