From our Executive Director: Enjoying what we've built

hop river trail
Connecticut's Hop River Trail

I often talk of miles of greenway built and signs posted, construction underway, and planning and design for more. We love sharing data describing the amazing progress going on throughout our 3,000-mile corridor. But it's also key for us to get out on these new segments first-hand, and the summer is a great chance for us to do it!

In July, I had the privilege of enjoying new segments coming online in the Northeast. Experiencing the meadows and forests in Connecticut, witnessing the vibrant cultures in Boston and Downeast Maine, hearing the rivers and streams throughout, and seeing young animals in New Jersey -- is the fruit of our labor. I love getting out on the Greenway for a walk when it's just me and the rabbits and birds. And other times, I have the pleasure of bringing my children along for the experience. 

What part of the trail do you love most in the summer? Is there a nice section with great shade-providing trees or a beach by the route that you gravitate to most?

Wishing you a great rest of the summer and plenty of fun on the Greenway!


Dennis Markatos-Soriano, executive director

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