From our executive director: Powered by our communities and their visionaries

I recently had the honor of receiving a proclamation from the Town of Cary, North Carolina, as part of its celebration of National Bike Month and the East Coast Greenway. Mayor Pro Tem Lori Bush, who also serves on our Advisory Board, read the proclamation at the beginning of Cary's monthly Town Council meeting. 

dennis and lori
2019: Cary, North Carolina, Mayor Pro Tem Lori Bush reads a proclamation honoring National Bike Month and the East Coast Greenway before presenting it to Executive Director Dennis Markatos-Soriano.

Cary's leadership in developing the Greenway is a key reason why the Triangle region of North Carolina is the most complete metro area of the whole Eastern Seaboard. And we are so lucky to count 449 other amazing communities that we connect from Maine to Florida. Thanks to visionary public servants such as Lori in Cary, Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver in New York City, and many more from Calais to Key West, we are achieving our Greenway vision to become a connective tissue between rural and urban areas, North and South, between our diverse cultures and the wild nature around us. 

Let's take time to thank these local public servants early and often. They spend so much of their valuable time in the halls of government and need to hear from us about opportunities to complete the Greenway in their community and to bring it to life with great programs once it's done. 

Long live our local heroes and heroines,


Dennis Markatos-Soriano, executive director


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