From our executive director: The most important spring ever for the Greenway

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Inline skaters enjoying an early spring day on the American Tobacco Trail in Durham, North Carolina.

As President Biden and Congress discuss a potential infrastructure investment of more than $2 trillion through the American Jobs Plan, this could be our moment. We could turn to completing the East Coast Greenway rather than incremental development. All we would need is around one-thousandth (0.1%) of the amount under discussion. And such visionary investment would transform the biking and walking experience throughout our 15 states and D.C., creating needed jobs in construction and then in the growing services sector from restaurants and hotels to bike shops and museums throughout our 3,000-mile corridor. We have the Design Guide and the regional partnerships to get the Greenway done - we are just missing the funding.

And Greenway Stimulus throughout the country equivalent to approximately 2% of the total infrastructure investment proposed could do more than complete the East Coast Greenway. It would connect our route to other networks in all 50 states. That's why our organization is leading a push for Greenway Stimulus on the federal level as well as in our states and communities. 

This could be the most important spring in our organization's history, a "once-in-a-generation opportunity," as Transportation Secretary Buttigieg calls it. But we need your help to support the effort through your donations and through your calls and emails to elected leaders. If your representatives care about the climate, public health, equity or strong economic recovery, they need to show it by standing up for Greenway Stimulus. We'll be in touch in the weeks ahead asking for your help in getting needed infrastructure investment in the Greenway. 

Here's hoping we make the most of this historic moment!


Dennis Markatos-Soriano, Executive Director

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