NYC-to-PHL Ride Profile: Scott Krasner

scott krasner photo

By Chloe Yopp // Communications Intern

Scott Krasner has been riding bicycles since he was a kid. What started as a recreational thing for him turned into something more when he went off to college at the University of Vermont. There, he got into the bike touring scene, which opened his eyes to the cycling world.

Krasner took a spill on his bike while in college in 2016 after being unable to avoid construction while going down a hill. This accident left him unable to bike for almost a year during his recovery period. While many would be hesitant to get back on a bike after such a scary experience, he took it as a learning experience and let it fuel him to continue cycling. 

“The accident really made me prioritize the safety of my body and to be more cognizant of my surroundings. If there was better management of the road for cyclists, or if  I would’ve had a safer bike path like the East Coast Greenway, then maybe this accident could’ve been avoided,” Krasner said. 

Krasner now lives in Philadelphia where he uses his bike as his main mode of transportation throughout the city. This connection between his biking touring interests and using bikes as a form of transportation is what introduced him to organizations like the East Coast Greenway Alliance and other bicycle advocacy groups. 

As a frequent biker in the city, Krasner noticed that there seem to be many systemic things that cause roadways to be unsafe for cyclists and pedestrians, and this really inspired him to want to make a change. “Philly is a really walkable city and you don't really need a car, but there are so many barriers that prevent people from biking or walking because they feel unsafe,” Krasner said. 

He is now participating in the Greenway’s inaugural New York City-to-Philadelphia Greenway Ride to support the organization’s efforts to create a sustainable connection between cities on the east coast. Krasner believes that the prioritization of equity and larger access to public space is an important issue that the Greenway is working to address, and he wants to be a part of that change. 

“I feel like having this event is momentous and is hopefully a catalyst for future change. I really think this event is going to be super symbolic in a way because, to me, the NYC to Philly corridor could provide a lot for the people between those two cities and in those two cities,” Krasner said. 

The NYC-to-PHL Greenway Ride, hosted by East Coast Greenway Alliance, will take place on August 28-29. Click here for more information on the event and to register.

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