One Bite at a Time

by Eric Weis

You all know that old saw about how one should eat an elephant - one bite at a time, that is.  The East Coast Greenway, being nearly 3,000 miles long, is comprised of more than a few bites.  But here in Providence, RI, there has been some very good news lately.  You might say that a few bites have been taken!

1. RIDOT is currently reviewing design for about 4 miles of the Blackstone River Bikeway (half in Providence, half in Pawtucket).  Although this will be an on-road section, the design calls for improved bike route signage and striping of bike lanes for more than half of the distance.

2. Providence DPW is currently designing new bike lanes for Promenade and Kinsley Ave, streets that comprise about a mile of ECG routing on the west side of the city

3. RIDOT and Providence Department of Planning are finalizing design for streetscapes that are opening up as a result of a major interstate highway relocation project.  The new plan calls for construction of multi-use paths that will become ECG once completed.  This will complete an off-road connection between India Point Park and the Providence Riverwalk, two existing ECG sections currently connected by local streets.

You can count on your faithful correspondents to continue passing along the good news as it rolls in.  

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