From our executive director: A region ready for takeoff

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Youth Advisory Committee members of the Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling Program led a bike tour on Saturday for Mid-Atlantic Summit attendees, leading them from the art museum steps to the program's new headquarters and back. They pose here by a sign about the East Coast Greenway on the Schuylkill River Trail.

We just hosted an amazing first ever Mid-Atlantic Summit that inspired and informed hundreds of leaders from New York to Washington, D.C. and beyond. The speakers were fantastic and the weather was perfect;  we learned from each other and strengthened our partnerships. Kudos to staff who led the effort including Deputy Director Niles Barnes, Mid-Atlantic Coordinator Daniel Paschall, Summit & Events Specialist Devin Cowens and everyone who joined in the all-hands-on-deck effort. And a big thank you to the dozens of Summit partners who made the success possible, from GSK and NV5 to the William Penn Foundation and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia was a spectacular host city with its marquee Greenway segments and strong team of leaders set on completing trails in the region. We rolled out a brand new report at the Summit quantifying the impact of completing the East Coast Greenway throughout Greater Philadelphia. The study found that the required investment in planning, design, and construction would bring a more than tenfold return through health, environmental, and economic benefits -- totaling more than $3 billion!

I see the report's findings as a call for us to share this opportunity farther and wider to accelerate the timetable for completing the Greenway, a centerpiece of the region's Circuit Trails network. We can give millions of people access to enjoy walking, running, and biking throughout the region for exercise, commuting, and fun.

Again, thank you to everyone who put together a summit and report for the ages. Watch out, Mid-Atlantic, because here we come, more united and inspired than ever!


Dennis Markatos-Soriano, Executive Director

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