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way tour group
Members of the East Coast Greenway's Week-A-Year Tour in Brunswick, Georgia.

Georgia supporters of the East Coast Greenway can show their support for Georgia Senate Resolution 690, which was announced this week. SR 690 is “a resolution encouraging the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund and other entities to support implementation of the Coastal Georgia Greenway.”

Click here for the full resolution.

This resolution is a big development for the East Coast Greenway and related projects in Savannah and St. Marys, Georgia. Two Alliance-supported projects were first awarded - and then denied - grant funds this year from the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Act.

Thanks to extensive local media coverage and quick advocacy work from coastal Georgia leaders, and with our friends at the state capitol from Georgia Bikes, SR 690 was been introduced voicing strong support for the Greenway and calling on state agencies to commit funds for its development.

Coastal Georgia Greenway supporters are asked to simply contact their state senator and thank them for sponsoring the resolution before Monday, Feb. 10.


Watson of the 1st (Savannah)

Jackson of the 2nd (Savannah)

Ligon, Jr. of the 3rd (Brunswick)

Hill of the 4th (Reidsville)

Harper of the 7th  (Ocilla)

All you need to say is “I’m [name], a constituent from [city], and I want to thank the Senator for sponsoring SR 690 in support of developing the Greenway.”

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