Spotlight: 2015 A Banner Year for ECG Signage and Trail Designations

Each successive year is a banner year for the ECG; though in some respects, last year was the best one yet. With the support of our members and organizational partners, we set a new record for signage in 2015 – installation of over 250 miles of ECG wayfinding signs! In fact, our route is now fully signed from the MD/DE border to the RI/MA border. We also designated 32 trails in 14 of our 15 states. Headed into 2016, we’re confident that another sensational year is underway!

2015 Trail Designations

At our Philadelphia Spring Summit in May of 2015, the ECGA's Trail Council designated 40 miles of trail: Spine Route, 18 miles; Complementary Routes, 22 miles.

In the fall of 2015, our Trail Council designated 47 miles of East Coast Greenway. (Spine Route, 22 miles; Complementary Routes 25.) Please see those segments below.  This brought our 2015 grand total to 87 miles of new trail designated.

Spine Route Designated, Fall 2015: TOTAL 22 miles 

Complementary Routes Designated, Fall 2015: TOTAL 25 miles 

2015 SPRING TOTAL: Spine & Complementary Routes Designated = 40 miles!

2015 FALL TOTAL: Spine & Complementary Routes Designated = 47 miles!

2015 GRAND TOTAL: Spring and Fall 2015 Spine & Complementary Routes Designated = 87 miles!

This blog post appeared in the January 2016 E-Newsletter.

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