The Big 50 Mile Walk: A Big Success!

Written By Paul Kizcek: Walk Leader and Organizer

A message to all members of NJ2NY50 Walkers

Fellow NJ2NY50 Walkers,What can I say? It was a tremendous experience for me, and I hope for you, yesterday at our first Big Walk. The weather and temperature cooperated, you were all great company to be with, and many of us accomplished our goals - whether that was 50 or 5 miles. We made a statement for walking, fitness, endurance, and pro-pedestrian issues. We may have even had a few minutes of fame on early TV newscasts that day! More on this in the days to come. If you have any photos or words you would like to add, feel free to use the "Photos"or "Walkers Blog"features. Or, if you prefer, send me links to them or email to me at Look for new pictures appearing over the next few days from the walk. When you get a chance, please go into "My Page"on the menu of NJ2NY50 Walkers website and then on left select "Manage My Page", then click "Profile". You will see a list of everything you entered when you first registered. Now is the time to complete missing information on "How far did you walk..."etc. Also, you'll note there's a place to add an address so we can send you a personalized dog tag - which will have your name and distance you walked on it - compliments of the East Coast Greenway Alliance. Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm. A special thanks to all who helped out on event day. Please keep the good work of the East Coast Greenway in mind and help their cause by giving, joining or volunteering. Let's try to do it again in the future. Paul
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