When to Use the East Coast Greenway

One of the great things about the ECG is the great variety of reasons people can use it.  Some people use sections of the ECG for exercise, others for fun, some for transportation, and a lucky minority use it for long-distance touring. Those using it for transportation are primarily bicycle commuters, kids going to school, or folks picking up a few things in town.  But once in a while, someone uses the ECG for long-distance transportation.

In May, a team of Drexel University engineering students will use the ECG to bike from Philadelphia to central Connecticut.  They are taking part in the Human Powered Vehicle Challenge, at Central CT State University, a few miles off the ECG in New Britain.  And they will be operating this vehicle: This is just too cool. 

I want photos of them riding on the ECG in Philly, Manhattan, New Haven, etc. We will keep you informed of their itinerary and progress and yes, their results in the competition.  And if you want to ride with them as they roll through your part of PA, NJ, NY, or CT, they will welcome your company. - Eric Weis

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