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The nonprofit East Coast Greenway Alliance is developing a 3,000-mile route for safe cycling and walking throughout the Eastern Seaboard from Canada to Key West. The East Coast Greenway aims to transform our hundreds of communities into models of healthy living, sustainability, and prosperity.

The Alliance is an equal opportunity employer and seeks qualified candidates regardless of race, color, creed, age, veteran status, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin. We are committed to achieving an inclusive, diverse workplace that values every individual.

Opening: New England Greenway Coordinator

The New England Greenway Coordinator is a full-time position that carries region-wide (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, & Rhode Island) responsibilities for all aspects of greenway development, state committee/volunteer engagement, and some fundraising tasks related to the region. The New England Coordinator works under the direction of the Deputy Director in coordination with the Executive Director and other East Coast Greenway Alliance staff.

This position will implement programs that support the East Coast Greenway Alliance Strategic Plan and specific strategies and goals in the region. The right candidate will grow, support, and empower our volunteers in the region and must be able to travel frequently within the region for meetings and events. A budget for travel, equipment, and other program expenses will be provided. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Complete and monitor signage throughout the region. Work to move a maximum amount of the on-road portions off-road (including designating trail as official ECG) and make remaining on-road sections as safe and bicycle/pedestrian-friendly as feasible.
  • Keep the data reporting system up-to-date, update the ECGA online Trip Planner and create reports as requested (at least quarterly).
  • Assist our volunteer State Committees and other volunteers within the region.
  • Build/maintain a strong network of strategic alliances with public agencies, elected officials, and organizations in each state to continue strong Greenway progress.
  • Communicate regional information in coordination with Communications Manager for ECGA website and newsletters. Engage New England media.
  • Assist with fundraising efforts led by the Executive Director in coordination with the Deputy Director, including developing significant fundraising leads (including prospective individual donors, foundations, and corporate partners).


Applications due by April 30

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