Donate Cryptocurrency

The East Coast Greenway Alliance can accept tax-deductible donations of cryptocurrency through the nonprofit donation platform You will receive a donation receipt from them and they handle the conversion into cash and disbursement at no extra cost or effort to you or to us. Win, win! 

How it works: To make a cryptocurrency donation, click the "donate" button below and follow the instructions to complete your donation. processes the donations through Coinbase Commerce with your Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD Coin. For donations greater than $5,000, they can also accept other coins— please email

You will receive a donation receipt from as soon as your transaction is detected on the network (if you provide your name and email - you can also donate anonymously). They will inform us of your donation and it will be distributed to us via the Network for Good platform. You will receive acknowledgement from the ECGA when we receive notification of the donation. 

Please contact us if you have questions. Thank you so much for supporting our work via cryptocurrency donation! 

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