Tri-State Coordinator

Bruce Donald

Bruce leads our greenway efforts in the 350-mile tri-state region. Previously he served as president of the nonprofit Farmington Valley Trails Council for 12 years. He is also a past chairman of the Connecticut Committee of the East Coast Greenway Alliance. In 2014, Bruce was appointed chairman of the Governor’s Connecticut Greenways Council, which coordinates all state stakeholders in planning, implementing, and funding the greenway system. He serves on many other boards and was recognized by the Connecticut General Assembly in a 2016 Official Citation as a regional force in bicycle and pedestrian advocacy.

Bruce graduated from Middlebury College with a BA in political science and from Trinity College with an MA in history. He is the author of many financial, investment, and historical articles and a book, Manhood and Patriotic Awakening in the American Civil War, 2008. Before turning to greenways advocacy, he worked for 17 years in investment brokerage, management, and banking with international companies in Boston, Hartford, New York, and Beijing. He is a lifelong bicyclist and alpine skier.


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